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Arab League


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Greetings delegates! I’m Darin, a Y12 student at the Chinese International School. I am honored to serve as the head chair of the Arab League and am looking forward to meeting you all (hopefully) in person. RENMUN will be my 24th conference as a delegate and chair and I look forward to fruitful debate and heated discussion. Outside of MUN, I enjoy doing sports, writing, reading and doing community service. Hope to see you all soon!!

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Hi there! I’m Vanessa, a form 4 student at DGS. RENMUN was my first ever conference and I’m ecstatic to be back this time as a first-time chair! I can’t wait to witness fruitful debate and, as importantly, experience the shenanigans and bavel-ganging :D outside of MUN I learn useless information and facts, sing, play the guitar and pretend to be interesting. See ya’ll soon!

Chair Topic 1

Addressing the Issue of Terrorism in Arabic Nations

Chair Topic 2

Reevaluating Women's Rights in Countries where Sharia Law is Implemented

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