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Disarmament and International Security Council


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Hi! I'm Katrina, a year 11 student from Island School and I'm excited to be your chair for DISEC at RENMUN alongside Aarush! Outside of MUN, I enjoy baking and hiking (& reading thriller novels:)) See you all in March!

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Hi delegates, I am Aarush Garg and I am a sophomore student at German Swiss International School. I will be chairing DISEC with Katrina. This will be my second time chairing at an MUN Conference, so I am very excited and hope to see lots of fruitful debate and comprehensive resolutions as well as thought provoking speeches. If I were not participating in a MUN conference on the weekend, you would most likely find me playing cricket or learning complex mathematics from websites and books.  I truly hope the friendships gained from the RENMUN conference extend far beyond, and that memorable experiences stay with all of us. I hope to see you soon delegates.

Chair Topic 1

Addressing the Use of Bioweapons in International Conflict 

Chair Topic 2

Preventing Non-State Actors from Acquiring Weapons of Mass Destruction

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