Economic and Soial Council

TsangYeukWa - ecosoc.JPG

Tsang Yeuk Wa

Deputy Chair

Hi everyone, I’m Tsang Yeuk Wa, an S5 from Diocesan Girls’ School. I’m very excited to chair for the first time at ECOSOC, and I look forward to the engaging and humorous discussions during the conference! I hope that we will have a great time and make new friends, sharing jokes from speeches and POIs. In my free time, I like to listen to music and watch old movies. See you all at the conference!


Sam Hui

Head Chair

Hey everyone, I’m Sam Hui, a Year 12 student from Island School. It is my pleasure to serve as the Head Chair of ECOSOC! Having chaired several conferences before, I’m excited to chair this committee where delegates discuss global issues and shape valuable memories. Through this experience, I hope delegates will grow to love MUN and will participate in more conferences in the future. Can’t wait to meet you all soon!

Topic #1

Pushing for economic reform in a post COVID world.

Topic #2

Addressing the legal protection and rights of migrant workers.