Human Rights Council

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Harsha Madhu

Head Chair

Welcome all delegates to HRC! It is my honour to serve you all as the Head Chair. I am Harsha Madhu, a Y12 student at RCHK. After delegating and chairing several conferences over four years, I am saddened to say this will probably be one of my last conferences to attend. I trust that we can all have some memorable experiences here! Can't wait to see you all :)

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Ian Tsai

Deputy Chair

Hi all, I’m Ian, a Year 11 student at Renaissance College Hong Kong. I’m honoured and delighted to be serving as the deputy chair of HRC. I have been involved with several MUN conferences in and out of Hong Kong, but this is my first time chairing! I’m very excited to be learning together with all of you, and I really hope that you would gain something from this. Enjoy the conference and I look forward to hearing your engaging debates.

Topic #1

The issue of torture and other forms of ill-treatment as a means of coercion.

Topic #2

Addressing digital protection to safeguard freedom of speech on the internet