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International Atomic Energy Agency


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Hey everyone! I'm Walter, a G11 IB student studying at Diocesan Boys' School and it’s my honor to be chairing IAEA at RENMUN VIII! I attended RENMUN as my first ever conference back when I started my MUN journey, and I’m more than excited to be coming back and serving as a chair for this iteration. IAEA is a committee we don’t see often in MUN conferences here in Hong Kong, and hence I look forward to witnessing riveting debates pertaining to the many issues it covers. Outside of MUN I’m also into psychology, law, sociology and badminton. See you all in March!



Hey everyone! I’m James Zhang, a Y12 studying at Chinese International School, and I’m super excited to chair IAEA at RENMUN VIII. I’ve heard great things about the school and the conferences, so it's a great honor to have my first chairing experience at this event. I especially look forward to networking and meeting new people. Outside of MUN, I like to play squash, listen to music, and socialize in general. 

Chair Topic 1

Evaluating and improving current approaches on nuclear proliferation

Chair Topic 2

Improving the infrastructure of nuclear facilities

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