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International Diplomacy and Intelligence Committee


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Hey guys! I’m Shriya, a Y12 student at Renaissance College. I have been doing MUN since Y8 and have really found Crisis to be my favourite to both delegate and chair. I know IDIC is an experimental council and am super excited to be part of this idea, especially in-person! With such a new committee, I know we can make our own rules and decorum so I’m super looking forward to seeing what everyone makes of this small but strangely powerful group!  



Hi MUNers! I’m Aidan Lai, Co-Chair at RENMUN for IDIC. I’m passionate about debate, politics, hiking and of course: MUN. Having been selected for this committee (Which I’ve never heard of) is a frightening experience. But I promise to do my best to make this experience fun and unforgettable for everyone involved, even if that requires a bit of chaos. Looking forward to meeting all of you! (In real life at long last!) 

Chair Topic

Vietnam War: Proxy Crises

IDIC Handbook

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