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North Atlantic Treaty Organization


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Hi there! I’m Sahil, a junior at Renaissance College, Hong Kong. I am delighted to be serving as your head chair alongside Adrien. I’ve been doing MUNs all around the globe since 2016. Besides Public Speaking and Debates, I am an Ardent Poet and an Avid Reader. Looking forward to seeing y’all in person!



Hey there! I’m Adrien, a y12 student currently studying at DBS. I’m honoured to serve as your deputy chair for NATO alongside Sahil. Though MUN is my greatest passion, I also enjoy reading, performing coin and card tricks, and consuming endless amounts of YouTube content. Looking forward to seeing you all at RENMUN!

Chair Topic 1

Addressing the consequences of the Kosovo War

Chair Topic 2

Addressing the threats to security of NATO members with special emphasis on therecent Russian military aggression

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