Peacebuilding Commission

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Adrian Mak

Head Chair

Hi, my name is Adrian Mak and I’m a Year 12 student from King George V. I’m honored to be serving as head chair for the UN Peacebuilding Commission. As a chair, I’m looking forward to hearing your meaningful and engaging debate, and hope you will all have an extremely fun and fulfilling experience! In my spare time, I avoid studying by playing the saxophone or browsing the internet. (also please save me from ib lul)


Tin Hang Ng

Deputy Chair

Hi everyone! I’m Tin, and I’ll be chairing the UN peacebuilding commission alongside Adrian! A little background info, I’m a Year 12 student here at Renaissance and I’ve been a part of MUN for nearly 3 years now. RENMUN VII will be one of my last conferences before I succumb to the stress of IB exams, so I’m looking forward to an exciting conference with you all!  

Topic #1

Building sustainable peace and security in and around the DR Congo

Topic #2

Social reform in a post-conflict Afghanistan