Security Council

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Justin Cheng

Head Chair

Hey, I’m Justin, a junior at Diocesan Boys’ School.  Having directed ISMUNHK as Deputy Secretary-General and chaired HKMUN, RENMUN and more, I’ve been involved in ~20 conferences up till now! Outside of MUN, I’m also VP of Community for the Luminate Network and a trainer for Flashpoint Debating, a debating programme for novice debaters. Looking forward to the conference as your Security Council's Head Chair!

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David Won

Deputy Chair

Hey delegates, I’m David, a Year 11 student studying at German Swiss Int’l School, and I’m honoured to be serving as the Deputy Chair for Security Council this year. This’ll be my first conference that I’ll be chairing in, and I look forward to all the fruitful debate in March!

Topic #1

Addressing the issue of Russian aggression in Ukraine.

Topic #2

Addressing the South Sudanese Conflict.