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Security Council


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Hi everyone! I’m Charmaine, a Y12 student at Diocesan Girls’ School and I’m so excited to be chairing SC alongside Rohan! Having been to more than 15 conferences, MUN has been something I am deeply passionate about, and I hope delegates can find their voices as global citizens while discussing the topics at hand. Outside of MUN, I drink way too much caffeine which also explains my sleeping schedule. I can’t wait to witness some riveting debate and meet all of you, see you there!

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Hi, I'm Rohan Kaman, a senior at Hong Kong International School!. It's an honour to be Deputy Chair for SC at RENMUN! Throughout my five years of MUN, I've had the privilege to be both a delegate and serve as a chair, so I hope to use that experience to make this conference a memorable one. I look forward to the fruitful debate!

Chair Topic 1

The Libyan Crisis 

Chair Topic 2

The Somali Civil War

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