United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization

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Justin Ku

Deputy Chair

Hi delegates! I'm Justin, a Year 11 student at CIS, and I'll be your deputy chair for UNESCO. This will only be my second time chairing but I'll do my best to make sure our committee runs smoothly :) Looking forward to meeting all of you in March!

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Alina Ahamed

Head Chair

Hi everyone, I’m Alina, a Y12 from LPCUWC, I’m thrilled to be head chairing UNESCO alongside Justin at RENMUN VII! I’m so excited for you guys to experience MUN in person again and I can’t wait to get my hands on the gavel that has been sitting inside my drawer for the past 3 months. Besides being a broke and extremely sleep-deprived student, I relish being dragged to spontaneous plans and I think Sprite is very cool. See you in March!

Topic #1

Safeguarding the professional freedom of journalists across the globe.

Topic #2

The preservation of indigenous and minority cultures and languages.