United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees

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Anston Yu

Head Chair

Hey there, I’m Anston Yu. I’m currently a struggling Year 12 IB student at DBS, and I’m very excited to be chairing UNHCR with Michelle :) I’ve been attending conferences for four years now, and have always felt refugee topics were boring throughout. With this iteration of RENMUN, I hope we can change that! Outside MUN, I have the niche hobbies of sleeping, eating, drawing frogs, and using photoshop badly. Looking forward to council sessions with you all!

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Michelle Geng

Deputy Chair

Hey everyone! I’m Michelle Geng, a Year 12 from Shatin College, and I’ll be co-chairing UNHCR! I’ve been involved with RENMUN for almost every year of my MUN journey and I’m honored to be chairing again. Aside from MUN and school, I’m interested in fashion and photography. So show me some cool stuff during the conference, it might get you brownie points :) I’m excited to listen to quality debates from delegates and meet all of you!

Topic #1

Addressing the Failures of Refugee Protection in Southeast Asia.

Topic #2

Protecting the Liberty, Safety, and Rights of Refugees in South Sudan.