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United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime




Hello everyone, I’m Valerie, an S4 student from Diocesan Girls’ School and I’m really glad to be chairing UNODC at RENMUN VIII alongside Alvin! While UNODC may be a council that some delegates are not familiar with, I am confident that your time here would be just as memorable and rewarding. Can’t wait to see all of you in real life and listen to all of the engaging debates and interesting ideas you have to share!

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Hi everyone, I’m Alvin, a Y12 student studying at GSIS. I’m excited to be serving as the deputy chair for UNODC at this year's conference! Being involved in MUN for almost 4 years now, it’s been really enjoyable to see just a few more new faces at every conference. When I’m not speaking behind a lectern or voting on a resolution, I enjoy spending time playing music and drinking lattes. Looking forward to meeting you all this coming March!

Chair Topic 1

Ending violence against children in the criminal justice system

Chair Topic 2

Regulating the possession, use and sale of marijuana

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