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United States Senate


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Hi I’m Shiv, a grade 11 student studying at HKIS, I have chaired a few conferences however this is my first time chairing RENMUN after delegating here, I am really excited to this conference and I’m hoping I can make it as special as the chairs made it for me my previous years.

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Good morrow chaps and chapettes! I am Evan, a Year 11 constituent of Island School. I am very much looking forward to abusing exercising my chairing powers, and I hope that I’ll be a cromulent chair for the US Senate alongside Shiv. (There’ll be extra points to delegates which can match the accents of their assigned Senator by the way)

Chair Topic 1

Addressing securities trading for governmental officials

Chair Topic 2

Reevaluating the approach to the education of race, gender and sexual orientation related topics in the education system

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