United States Senate

USS Bill Koo.JPG

Bill Koo

Head Chair

Hey there, it’s Bill. I’m a Y12 student at Diocesan Boys’ School, and I’ll be your Head Chair alongside Valerie. Exploring the myriad of issues American politics has, discussing said issues, and diving into its intricacies is intriguing to me, and I hope fellow delegates are able to unlock that sense of excitement and bewilderment. When I’m not rushing deadlines or daydreaming in class, I enjoy designing clothes and playing football. Can’t wait to see you all in March! RENMUN poggers.


Valerie Yum

Deputy Chair

Hi! I’m Valerie, a Year 11 student at CIS, and I will be serving as deputy chair for the US Senate. Outside of MUN, I enjoy playing tennis, catching up on the news, and learning about the brain. I look forward to hearing your innovative solutions, see you all soon!

Topic #1

Addressing the issue of abortion legislation

Topic #2

Addressing the use of excessive force by law enforcement