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World Health Organization


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Hi everyone! I’m Ethan, a Grade 11 / Year 12 student studying at Victoria Shanghai Academy, and I am the Head Chair of the World Health Organisation for RENMUN. This is my 3rd year doing MUN. I enjoy the humanities and mathematics. I also love reading about recent events, studying behavioural economics (and economics in general), and statistical methods. I look forward to meeting everybody at RENMUN and listening to your lively debates!

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Hello everyone! I’m Yeeka, a Year 11 in Island School, and one of your chairs for the upcoming conference. I have been doing MUN for 2 years, and eventually got ‘addicted’ to it. My hobbies are playing the cello and the piano, painting, reading and playing badminton. This is going to be my first time chairing a conference in person, so I am exhilarated to look forward to seeing you guys! The chairs look forward to a fruitful debate, thank you!

Chair Topic 1

Re-evaluating the consumption of GMOs

Chair Topic 2

Preventing HIV / AIDS in developing countries

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