World Health Organization


Yoonjung Choi 

Head Chair

My name is Yoonjung Choi, a junior at Hong Kong International School. It is an honor for me to be serving as the World Health Organisation Head Chair at your RENMUN conference in 2022. Looking forward to meeting you all soon!


Brendon Mak

Deputy Chair

Hi everyone, I'm Brendon, a Y10 from Victoria Shanghai Academy, and I am highly honoured to be your deputy chair for the WHO. This will be my 4th year in Model UN with this year's RENMUN being my fourth time chairing. I am an avid reader of geopolitics, current affairs, and history. I can't wait to see everyone in February and the fascinating debate I'm sure you will all be churning out.

Topic #1

The Issue of Livestock Health and Consumption in Developing and Developed Nations.

Topic #2

The issue of traditional and unorthodox medicines in LEDCs.