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Human Rights Council 


The Human Rights Council is  is responsible for promoting and protecting human rights around the world. It composes of 47 member states that work together to address human right violations, conduct investigations, and implement policies. 

Topic 1: Addressing the heightened civilian deaths and
displacement in the ongoing Israeli-Palestinian Conflict. 

Topic 2: Protecting the rights of children and preventing child
soldiers in Eastern Africa. 

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Chenming Song 

Head Chair 

"Hi all! I’m Chenming, your head chair for HRC! I’m a year 10 student from German Swiss International School, and besides from being (very) unhealthily obsessed with MUN, I play a lot of chess (I recently got 45 on puzzle rush survival!)

This is my 4th time chairing with John! (Duo moment)

Taylor Swift quotes are strongly recommended, no matter what John says :-)

Im in my folklore and speak now era"

John Tsui 

Deputy Chair 

"My head is inundated,
with the overwhelming joy.
“I’m chairing RENMUN”, I exclaimed!
What a wonderful ploy. The start is approaching, of my long dreaded examinations. But perhaps debating, is the only source of distraction. Maybe just for the weekend, I’ll explore the mayhem of the conference. I shall indulge myself once more in MUN, a world of effervescence.

If my English teacher ever sees this, maybe she’ll be proud, or maybe she’ll scoff at my arbitrary rhymes and pout."

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