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Security Council 


The Security Council is one of the six main bodies of the United Nations. The SC addresses threats to global peace, determines the existence of aggressions/conflicts, and discusses measures to resolve disputes. 

Topic 1: Reviewing the Sanctions Regimes under the United Nations Security Council.

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Kate Jung 

Head Chair 

"Hi I’m Kate, a Year 12 student from St. Paul’s Co-educational College. I’m beyond thrilled to be head chairing the Security Council alongside Jonathan. MUN has catalyzed my enthusiasm for IR analysis - especially regarding interventionism and power politics. I look forward to witnessing all the invigorating (and controversial) debates delegates will engage in at RENMUN!"

Jonathan Ho

Deputy Chair 

"Greetings delegates! I am Jonathan from DBS grade 10, and I am more than honoured to chair the most advanced committee in RENMUN! RENMUN's SC has always had a special place in my heart, for it has been the place which nurtured so many of my amazing memories that I have in MUN. I hope Kate and I will be able to foster as amazing as an experience that I have had for you, and look forward to seeing you in April!"

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