Meet the
RENMUN VII Secretariat

From sending emails and recruiting chairs to designing Insta posts and merchandise, meet the team of Renaissance College students who strive to provide the best conference experience for you.

Maki Flauta


Hey! I’m Maki Flauta, a Year 12 student at Renaissance College, and I’m honoured to be serving as the Secretary-General of RENMUN VII. Over the past four years of MUNing, I’ve met tons of awesome people, developed a genuine passion for global issues, and of course, made many country puns along the way. Having delegated, chaired, and organised numerous other conferences, I hope to make RENMUN an exciting and engaging experience for everyone involved.

When I’m not cooped up at home binging “How _ is Made” videos, you’ll find me concocting even more witty puns, fanning over spreadsheets, or stress hugging the Djungelskog on my couch.

I look forward to seeing you in March! Feel free to reach out anytime :)

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Hitanshi Jain



Hi everyone!


I am Hitanshi Jain a current year 12 student at RCHK. I am delighted to be serving as the Deputy-Secretary-General of Conference affairs at RENMUN VII. I have been part of MUN for 5 years now, and it's been a very rewarding experience. I hope RENMUN allows you to expand your connections and debate on topics you are passionate about.


I look forward to seeing you guys in March and you should be very excited about our merch :)

Heer Jhaveri



Hello! I'm Heer Jhaveri, a year 11 student. I’m absolutely delighted to be serving on the RENMUN Secretariat as the DSG of communications. MUN has undoubtedly given me a plethora of unforgettable experiences. However, the people I have met on the journey are irrefutably the best part. I hope that RENMUN VII is a platform where we come together to celebrate our passion for MUN!

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Serena Ng





I'm Serena Ng, a year 12 student serving as your Under-Secretary-General of Administration for RENMUN VII. Over the past four years in the MUN circuit, I’ve had the honour of attending a variety of conferences, and look forward to organising the best one yet! Outside of MUN, I spend my free time reading up on psychology, sociology, and current events.

Rachel Vong




Hello, everyone!

My name is Rachel, a high school junior the Under-Secretary-General of Publicity for this year's RENMUN! It is really special to come a full circle in my three years of doing MUN - first as a delegate, then a chair, and now a member of the secretariat.

Aside from my passion for MUN, I thoroughly enjoy all things Genshin, playing sports, and listening to music. Feel free to swing by anytime, whether it be to talk about the weather or ask for my Genshin UID ;)

Can't wait to see you all in March!