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Meet the


Meet the team of students who aim to create a memorable Model United Nations experience for you.

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Kaela Chow 


Hello everyone! I’m Kaela, a Year 12 student at Renaissance College and I am very excited to be serving as your Secretary General for this year’s iteration of RENMUN. MUN has given me a multitude of different memories, experiences and skills I have grown to cherish through my MUN journey. In which I’m sure most of you also greatly value and appreciate. 

As we step into the period where more new MUNers continue to join the circuit, I hope to make this year’s RENMUN conference a memorable and cherishable experience for everyone participating, and I am looking forward to ensure a seamless and unforgettable conference. Please feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions, and I look forward to see all of you in April!

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Milo O'Neill 


Hi everyone! My name is Milo, a Year 11 student at RCHK, and I am very excited to be serving as your Head of Conference Affairs at RENMUN IX! From being one of my first ever conferences back in Year 7 and my first charing experience in Year 9, I now look forward to taking the next step up and further developing such a diverse and entertaining conference. Outside of MUN, I am a keen sports player and an avid lover of dogs. I look forward to meeting you all!

Aidan Lai 


I’m Aidan Lai, and as a freshly minted year eleven student, I’m delighted to be your secretariat for this year’s RENMUN IX. I’m highly passionate about MUN, debate, public speaking, and generally, most things that don’t require waking up early in the morning.


I enjoy days out camping, disconnecting from society, and hanging out with friends- the time for which is steadily decreasing year by year. So, while I still have time before entering the workforce and having my schedule surgically altered- I’m gonna do some crazy things and have some fun.

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Hrithik Samtani 


Hello everyone, I am Hrithik, a Year 11 student from Renaissance College. I am delighted to be part of the secretariat of RENMUN IX. I’ve been part of MUN for over four years. From drafting POI's to starting nuclear wars, I have enjoyed every bit of it. I love meeting new people through MUN and exploring a range of current affairs.

I am super excited to work with the other Secretariat members and look forward to seeing you all at RENMUN IX. 

Karmen Tsai 


Hello everyone! My name is Karmen, a Year 12 student at Renaissance College, and I am excited to serve as the Under Secretary General of Communications for RENMUN IX. When I'm not playing netball, dabbling in art, or diving into a good book, you'll find me in a whirlwind of thought-provoking discussions in MUN.

MUN has always served as a platform for delegates to articulate their countries' viewpoints, challenge existing paradigms, and foster a deeper understanding of complex international problems. With that being said, I am excited to bring that same dynamism to our very own MUN conference at RCHK! I eagerly anticipate listening to the engaging and fruitful array of debates. Mark your calendars, and I look forward to seeing you in April! ;)

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Hi! My name is Aspen and I am this year’s RENMUN IX Head of Design! Now to tell you a little bit about myself, I love art, especially painting, and I also enjoy swimming occasionally throughout the week. I am so excited to collaborate with all of you and I am looking forward to a eventful year ahead.

Aspen Kwan 

Head of Design

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