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Commission on the Status of Women


The United Nations Commission on the Status of Women  is dedicated to promoting gender equality and the empowerment of women. Established in 1946, the CSW is one of the oldest and most influential UN commissions.

Topic 1: Frameworks for protection against child marriage.  

Topic 2: Mitigation of gender-based violence within human trafficking. 

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Karissa Chong

Head Chair 

"Hi everyone I’m Karissa, a Y11 student from DGS, and I’m excited to chair CSW with Leanne! Coming back to my first ever MUN as a chair feels surreal and I’m looking forward to hearing all the questionable statements on feminism in debate. When DSE isn’t wrecking me, I enjoy dodgeball and Just Dance. See you in April!"

Leanne Tse 

Deputy Chair 

"Hi guys! I’m Leanne, a Y11 student at Renaissance College, a soon-to-be victim of the IBDP. My MUN journey of 4 years has always found ways to scare me yet reward me with adrenaline rushes and amazing merchandise (RENMUN merch especially). Outside of MUN, I enjoy spending time with my cats and swimming. I'm thrilled to be your co-chair alongside Karissa for CSW in this iteration of RENMUN IX. See you guys soon!"

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