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United States Senate 


The United States Senate is one of the two chambers of the United States Congress. The USS consists of 100 senators, which are responsible for passing laws, approving treaties, and providing oversight of the executive branch.

Topic 1: Evaluating the Impact of Criminalisation
Policies in Addressing the Opioid Epidemic.

Topic 2: Examining the Ethics and Consequences
of Gerrymandering in Elections.

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Bernice Wu 

Head Chair 

"Hi everyone, I’m Bernice, a G10/Y11 student at CDNIS, and I’m elated to be chairing Senate alongside Neville (our short king except I am literally shorter)!! Despite only being introduced to this council recently, I’m excited to witness the fiery debate between Senators first hand :) See you all in April!"

Neville Leung

Deputy Chair 

"Hi there! I am Neville, a Grade 11 at DBS, and I am honoured to be your Chair for this iteration of Senate! RENMUN is the first ever conference I joined as a delegate, and looking back on my MUN journey is what inspired me to return as a Chair. I am sure that MUN can transform the way you see governments’ actions and make you better citizens of the world as it has done to me. Looking ahead, Senate now becomes the third specialised committee I chair, and I genuinely hope that this conference will be an intellectual experience as it is a fun one to y’all. See you then!"

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