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Disarmament and Security Council


The Disarmament and Security Council is a specialized council within the United Nations. The DISEC member states work together to prevent the spread of weapons of mass destruction, promote arms control agreements, and support endeavours towards disarmament.

Topic 1: Discussing the demilitarisation of the Arctic.
Topic 2: Addressing the proliferation of nuclear weapons and
technology within developing nations.

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Head Chair 

"Hey everyone! I’m Marcus, a Y11 at Diocesan Boys’ School and I’m honoured to chairing DISEC alongside Kaden! As a person that has spent most of his time delegating in security-related councils, DISEC holds a special place in my heart and I hope it will be a great experience for all of you as well! Outside of MUN, you may see me doing public speaking, photography, and feeding my caffeine addiction. See you all in April!"

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Kaden Kong 

Deputy Chair 

"I’m Kaden, currently a G9/Y10 from Harrow (previously CDNIS ❤️❤️), and I’m delighted to be chairing alongside Marcus, who I actually met in my first conference! Aside from MUN, I also enjoy activities like rock climbing, cooking, and listening to The Smiths. As a first time chair, I’ll have high expectations for our delegations, as well as the enthralling debates and conflicts that will arise. See you all in April!"

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